What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?

This course will provide you with the structure and tools to improve the literacy outcomes of your students with weak writing skills.

About the Raising writing stanards online course

Recommended for - staff working with students that have weak writing skills or as a supplementary course for staff within Years 1 to 6.
Course presenter - Diana Rigg BA(Ed), BEd, CPP(UK), MEd, MSc(SpPath)
Course length - 45 minutes viewing plus quiz
Access to course - 90 days
Certificate - Awarded upon completion
Supporting materials - Referenced material available for download

Raising writing standards course description

Dictation is a time-efficient structured option and addition to literacy blocks, which facilitates progress in a  relatively short period of time. This is a short course that outlines a range of ways dictation can be delivered in the primary school years and the benefits of regular presentation. Suggestions for presenting dictation to junior, middle or upper primary students and classes with diverse ranges in ability will be explored.

At the end of my course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what is dictation and its benefits.
  • Identify appropriate passages for dictation.
  • Established guidelines for marking dictation which makes the marking time efficient.
  • Understand how to present dictation at a junior, middle, and upper primary level.
  • Support dictation and make it easier (particularly for students with delayed skills).
  • Understand how to present dictation when there is a wide range of abilities within the class.
  • Effectively implementation of PDL's 'Phonic Dictation' range (should the range be available)
  • Use support staff to facilitate dictation (should staffing allow for this)
  • Use technology to support dictation.

Who should and who shouldn't take this course?

  • The course focuses on the delivery of dictation within the primary school years. If however, teachers in the secondary sector have students operating at a primary school level, this course will be appropriate.
  • Literacy Coordinators and/or Curriculum Coordinators (looking for positive and consistent processes within schools).
  • Daycare and community care providers.
  • Student teachers and/or parents.
  • Tutors aiming to devise a program for the students they are working with.
  • Speech pathologists, educational psychologists, or occupational therapists working withing the realm of early literacy.

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Diana Rigg

Founder of PLD Literacy and Learning

Diana Rigg founded PLD Organisation because she recognised a large gap in the time it took for research findings to make it into practice in the classroom. With a Master’s degree in Education and Speech Pathology, Diana was convinced she could help close that gap, offering assistance to parents, teachers, and school systems looking for help in promoting literacy to the young people in their lives. With extensive experience as a Classroom Teacher, Specialist Literacy Teacher and Speech Pathologist, Diana understood what was needed. Drawing on over 15 years as a Professional Educational Consultant, Diana assembled a passionate team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Designers to help her translate the latest research and best practices from around the world into attractive, easy to use resources for both the home and classroom setting. Diana is active in both consultancy and publishing. Understanding the challenges of a classroom puts Diana in the perfect positions to deliver quality products aligned with school learning systems. Extensive experience in consultancy allows her to develop products suitable for use in the home either as supplemental lessons or as part of a homeschooling curriculum. In February 2010, Diana was recognised as one of Western Australia’s top “40 under 40” by the WA Business News. For more information on Diana’s work, you can Contact Diana or connect via Facebook or LinkedIn